Vayikra ויקרא‎: literally “and He called”

Torah: Leviticus 1:1 – 5:19


Parsha Vayikra Basics

God calls to Moses from the Tabernacle of the congregation and communicates to him what have become known as the laws of the korbanot (sacrifice).


Summary of the Five Laws

1.    Olah (Consumed Offering): This was consumed entirely by the fire on the Altar.

2.    Mincha (Allegiance – Gift). An offering of flour usually brought by a person of modest means.

3.    Sh’lomim (Peace Offering): A means of expressing thanks to God on Joyous occasions.

4.    Chatos (Sin Offering): An atonement for certain sins committed unintentionally by an individual.

5.    Oshom (Guilt Offering): Offered as part of the penitence required for certain improper acts (like retaining another’s property by swearing falsely).

       Such cases required restoration of the property plus.



The first words of the parsha are still relevant for today “And the LORD called”. The Lord called unto Moses and that called was heard and received by

Moses ears. I wonder how many today are tuned into the frequency of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Or is the earth indeed filled with only a

few whose ears are able to hear His call to them? Are you hearing the call back to Torah?


Thoughts to ponder:

Jewish children begin their study of the Torah, not with the book of Genesis, but with the book of Leviticus.

Another name for the book of Leviticus is the "Torah of the Priests," as much of it concerns the Tabernacle/Temple sacrifices and the priestly service. As Israel is a "Kingdom of Priests," this means all the people (Israel), not only the Levitical Priests, can learn about serving God. Are you part of Israel?

What is the significance of the priest placing blood on the four "horns" of the altar? Does this relate to the "four corners of the earth?"